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Rubio doesn't venture far from comfort zone

Under mounting criticism that he's ducking reporters other than FOX News and other conservative leaning media outlets, U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio invited supporters and press to a "meet and greet'' Friday afternoon. The location: a banquet hall about half a mile from his West Miami home. It's the spot where he celebrated his first political victory when he was elected city commissioner in 1998.

He's not here yet, but MIchael Putney of WPLG-Channel 10 offered a sneak peak of his interview with Rubio scheduled to air on Sunday.

Asked about the Herald/Times report that he failed to account for about 20 per cent of his expenditures from his committees while running for House speaker, Rubio said: "Number one, we're not talking about taxpayers' money. Number two, every penny has been accounted for and, number three, all of it was spent on political operations. Being involved in politics you have to travel the state and this was (politically) related expenses. Number four, on those few occasions where the expenses were of a personal nature they were paid for by me."

Asked about payments by one of the committees, Floridians for Conservative Government, with little or no specific accounting: "That's how it's reported to the state. That's the way the law has you report it and we reported it the way it's supposed to be reported.  That committee was created not so much for (candidate) contributions as it was to travel the state and advance conservative principles.  In hindsight, I wish we had done a more thorough job of accounting of it because, at the end, it became very cumbersome and that's why we closed that committee and brought in an accounting firm."