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Rubio half true about Crist's European 'junket'

Gov. Charlie Crist is attempting to cast Marco Rubio as earmark-hungry and a lavish spender, dubbing him "Porkus Rubio."

Now the Rubio campaign is responding with a claim that Crist is no PolitifactFloridaLogo copy"Frugal" Charlie himself.

Rubio's evidence: a 12-day trade mission Crist took to London, Paris, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Madrid in the summer of 2008. The tab for taxpayers: more than $430,000.

"Charlie Crist might be frugal when it comes to his own money, but he loves spending taxpayer money on a failed stimulus, on $2 billion worth of tax hikes, and on a luxurious lifestyle for himself and his buddies," Rubio spokesman Alex Burgos said recently. "Floridians are not going to take lectures on frugality from a guy who embraced the largest spending bill in American history, stays in $2,000 a night luxury hotel suites where he racks up $1,300 in mini-bar charges, and doesn't pay for a dime of it himself."

Find out about Crist's 2008 European adventure at PolitiFact Florida.