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Sen. Cornyn crawfishes Charlie Crist endorsement

In the Florida Keys, we know that crawfish prefer to move backward when they're in trouble. So do politicians.

Consider Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, head of the national Republicans Senate committee who endorsed Gov. Charlie Crist early. Then the tea party types and rank-and-file Republicans started getting resentful of all the elites deciding their elections, especially in Florida where former House Speaker Marco Rubio was given short-shrift by all the leadership types.

Now Rubio's in the lead. Cornyn is crawfishin'.

According to The Hill newspaper, Cornyn said he got "selfishly" involved in the Senate primary early and suggested national Republicans would stay out of the race. More here


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Saint Petersblog

I guess the campaign's "hair" attacks arent working: 'absolutely brutal' numbers coming out today on Crist.


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