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Sen. Mel Martinez makes a political endorsement

The former Florida senator is out with an e-mail fundraising appeal for Bruce O'Donoghue, an Orlando Republican who is looking to challenge what Martinez calls "a true liberal Democrat, Alan Grayson.

"I don't normally write to ask for your support, but this race is important, Martinez says. "Bruce is
the only man to beat Alan Grayson and stop the nonsense coming from Washington these days."

Martinez said he's known O'Donoghue since he coached his basketball team at the YMCA. Former Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings is also supporting O'Donoghue.

The controversial congressman was one of the Democrats profiled in today's New York Times in a piece about legislators feeling the heat -- and the praise -- for their health care vote.


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Mel Martinez was one of the PRINCIPLE persons who had supported and promoted the Fannie and Freddie ARMS debacle. Personally, I would think that an endorsement by Mel Martinez would be equivalent of a "kiss of death" for any candidate. Mel Martinez was part of the Bush Administration's "gang" who helped to orchestrate and to perpetuate the phoney economic boom of the last decade that wound up decimating our nation economically. Just look at the devastating damage that resulted from the impact of Mel Martinez's actions. Thank God that he resigned from office ... BUT would we really want anyone that he supports?

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