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Senate raised pay after voting to cut it


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Chris Meyer

What a slap in the face! Legislators take away livelyhoods and give their people raises! I say can the bunch of 'em! Crist, no vote for you! Sen Atwater, fine rationalization - "Crist said it was okay" - no vote for you! Sen Negron, way to go - no vote for you! Sen. Charlie Dean - HAH - no vote for you! Sen Al Lawson, spending money when there isn't any - no vote for you! House Speaker Larry Cretul - that's the way to set the example - no vote for you!

Jonathan Black

This makes me sick!! There are several Senate and House Bills in committees right now that would take away retirement benefits for Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Paramedics and anyone else involved in High Risk FRS (SB1902, HB1543 and HB1319). Would it not be fair for these individuals to take a cut too? I will not vote for anyone currently in office on the next election!

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