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Should Rubio amend tax return for double-billed flights?

Given that former House Speaker Marco Rubio acknowledged that he double-billed the state and Republican party for eight plane trips in 2007 (and now will reimburse the party $3,000 ), should he amend his income tax returns to reflect the additional income?

"If you had that money that was for your personal benefit, then I think the IRS would want to know about that,'' said his U.S. Senate rival, Gov. Charlie Crist.

"I don't understand how this stuff is not considered income and reported to the IRS,'' echoed Ben Wilcox of Common Cause Florida.

So we asked the Rubio campaign what he plans to do: "Marco will talk to his accountant and will follow whatever advice his accountant gives him on this matter,'' said Rubio adviser Todd Harris.


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