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Sink memo: McCollum did skirt law to file legal challenge

Alex Sink's campaign has produced a legal analysis that, it says, shows Bill McCollum skirted state law when he filed his anti-ObamaCare lawsuit. More on the background here.

The new memo from election-law lawyer Ron Meyer (who primarily represents Democrats and the teacher union) is here: Download Healthcare Lawsuit Letter.


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Blue Dog

This is further proof that Alex Sink McBride wont be elected Governor. She just doesn't get that Floridians hate OBAMACARE. They dont want the federal government involved in their medical decisions. Healthcare brought to you by the same people who run the post office is not appealing at all.

Where is another Democratic alternative? Sink has no personality or charisma. Rod Smith please pay attention you can win.

Alan J. Barnes

Do you think Floridians like Medicare? This involves the government in the health of a lot of Floridians. How about Social Security? That's another government operated program that may find favor with many Florida citizens. Have you heard of the Veteran's Administration? It gets overall high grades for its provision of health services, with a few black marks under the Bush administration. I don't think many people really know what Obamacare represents. They have been distracted by false alarms such as the bizarre claims of death panels and threats to Medicare, which was mostly removing excessive payments to Advantage Plus programs compared to other Medicare payment schedules. Wake up.
The Federal Government is involved in healthcare decisionmaking, as it is in every industrialized country in the world. But in the United States private insurers serve as overpaid middlemen who make money by denying service and skim off much higher administrative costs than any government program.

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