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The Florida connection to the RNC's sexy spending scandal

MSNBC: "First Read has verified some of the charges the Republican National Committee approved in its March Monthly report, including almost $2,000 spent at a sex-themed nightclub in West Hollywood, as well as more than $15,000 spent at ritzy Beverly Hills hotels.

"First Read also found more than $1,500 in 'equipment rental' charges from 'Casino Parties' in Tampa, FL."

Florida Republican Party chief Jim Greer was ousted in part over questionable spending, so Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff is questioning whether new chair John Thrasher, RNC Secretary Sharon Day, or Republican National Committeeman Paul Senft think Steele should resign "Or Do They Condone Using RNC Money At Bondage Club?"


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Lao Tzu

Party of "family values" drops mask yet again!



OUr basic political problem is the corruption of BOTH the RNC and the DNC who have sold out to, and are controlled by the elitists corporate speical interests. TheRNC and DNC control which candidates become viable party candidates. So those who don't "toe the party lines" that have been set up for the benefit of the corporate interests, simply do not get to be candidates. The only way to change our corrupt politics is by "the people", the party registered voters, forcing changes in the corrupt control of the party national organizations. That is the pivotal point where the special interests begin their control of who getselected.


Jotkoff (whose name lends itself to all sorts of fun) needs to cool down his fantasies.


bla bla

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