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The next chapter in the rum wars: Puerto Rico comes to George LeMieux's defense

The governor of Puerto Rico is coming to the Florida Republican's defense after the governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands accused LeMieux of doing Puerto Rico's bidding by pushing an amendment that the Virgin Islands says is harmful.

Both U.S. terrorities have been feuding over the taxes they earn on rum royalities and LeMieux late Wednesday night filed an amendment to a jobs bill that would change the way rum taxes are distributed. The Virgin Islands maintains the change would hugely benefit Puerto Rico at the expense of the Virgin Islands.

Now enters Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuno who thanked LeMieux for the amendment and said it would "ensure these federal tax dollars go to government services for people instead of individual companies. A reasonable and rational solution is necessary so that we are not forced to try and match the U.S. Virgin Islands’ excessive deals to save our own industry at the expense of government services for our citizens."

The Virgin Islands has a deal with liquor giant Diageo that would result in the company securing a healthy  subsidy from the proceeds of the rum tax the Virgin Islands collects on every gallon of rum. Both sides have spent millions on lobbying, but Virgin Islands Gov. John deJongh said in his letter that LeMieux's amendment has harmed potential negoiations between the terrorities.


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What's next Mr. Fortuno, our oil revenues from one of the worlds largest refineries here on St. Croix??? Let me get this right....you think it is fair for us Virgin Islanders to remain as productive as we have been for centuries, produce some of the world's finest rum, and no matter what we produce, join your ponsi scheme with Mr. LeMieux and a complicit set of PIRATES in congress, and some at Bacardi Headquarters in Bermuda, to distribute our hard-earned funds based on population, not on productivity? What about our investment in Our plants, our labor, and other by-products? Are you suggesting that we become an appendage of Puerto Rico and fly "Borinquen" instead of our beloved VI flag here in the Virgin Islands?? ARE YOU DRUNK!!! My Grandmother must be turning in her grave!! NUNQUA PASA, Puerto Rico.....Grow up and run your government and not a welfare state. Help your people and stop your corruption. The people of Puerto Rico deserve real MEN running their government, not a bunch of losers who have them impoverished, and who use the Virgin Islands to cast blame. You were asleep at the switch Puerto Rico, and you knew that Diageo was in Puerto Rico, but you took matters for granted and now you want to WHINE LIKE A BABY! What Puerto Rico needs is tough love not lolipops and a pacifier. Be MEN AND WOMEN OF DECENCY Puerto Rico, not cut-throat PIRATES!

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