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Top secret GOP document is left in Florida hotel

Politico reports that a top-secret Republican National Committee fundraising presentation -- which lampoons President Barack Obama as the Joker from Batman and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as Cruella de Ville -- was left at a Florida hotel.

"The 72-page document was provided to POLITICO by a Democrat, who said a hard copy had been left in the hotel hosting the $2,500-a-head retreat, the Gasparilla Inn & Club."

Check out the power point here.Rncfundraising1


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Given how Republicans have made it their rallying cry to destroy Democrats at every level of government they need to quit whining when the Dem's occasionally punch back. If the Dem's use the same tactics as the GOP in Congress the Republicans won't be able to govern, either (if/when they get back into power). A whole easier to break things than to fix them. W Bush's adventure in Iraq and "free market" regulation are examples.

Saint Petersblog

The top secret RNC document found by Politico reveals Bill McCollum is not a top priority for #GOP.


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