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Vote for health care bill puts Allen Boyd in a pinch

The New York TImes: "Irvin D. Newsome, a retired Greyhound bus driver, says he has been voting for Representative Allen Boyd since 'as far back as I can remember.' But that will change this November, Mr. Newsome vowed Monday, thanks to the decision by Mr. Boyd, a centrist Democrat, to change positions and support the health care overhaul that passed the House on Sunday night."

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Seriously? Do you even know the make up of Congressman Boyd's district? He has slightly over 20% registered Republicans. He has over 65% registered Democrats. And the rest are independents or non-partisan. Of course about 20% of the Dem's are Blue Dogs, however. A no vote would have been a death sentence for his re-election. With Sen. Lawson (a much more liberal candidate) raising money off of Boyd's no vote back in Dec. Another thing is that this district is a Democratic Stronghold... due to his largest population of voters being in Leon Co. (Tallahassee) where we have less than 20% R's and the D's are very liberal.


To NoneyaBiz:

His CD has traditionally been won by Republican statewide candidates. His vote means the end of Blue Dog Democrats in the panhandle!


Thanks to Boyd's vote my house which is now worth less than I paid for it will be subject to a 3.8% tax when I sell it in order to help fund Obamacare. It is not enough that I pay $1,200 in property taxes each year, now the government wants more. It is unbelievable to me that I am expected to help someone making up to $80,000 dollars a year pay for their healthcare. They can afford to buy their own healthcare. This is ridiculous!!! I don't mind helping those who are trying to help themselves but need a little help, but the entitlement society we are building is simply not acceptable.

Leon Dobson

Lets vote boyd out this time. A republican in Jefferson county.

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