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Well-paid chiefs of staff would go under House criminal budget plan

The House criminal justice appropriations committee has an idea for saving some $300,000 a year: Eliminate the chiefs of staffs for the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Department of Corrections.

The DOC chief of staff, Bonnie Rogers, now gets more than $147,000 a year -- more than the Governor. The DJJ chief of staff, Kelly Layman, is paid $137,000 a year -- also more than the Governor.

The proposals are included in the budget under consideration by Rep. Sandy Adams' committee.


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Let's check some of the legislative staff salaries as well as the consulting contacts over the past 10 years! I like Dudley Goodlett and we know they need adult supevision there but what is he making?

Cynical Idealist

Somewhere around $140,000 a year, Pete


Cut 'em!

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