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With Jeb endorsement, McCain heads to FL

So much for former Gov. Jeb Bush's low political profile. He's become an endorsement machine in recent weeks -- Alabama gubernatorial candidate Bradley Byrne, Florida House candidate Matt Gaetz, Ohio gubernatorial candidate John Kasich and Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker, to name a few.

Today's winner: Arizona Sen. John McCain, who also received Bush's support when he ran for president in 2008.

McCain will be in Jeb territory Sunday for fundraisers at the Coral Gables home of Manny and Ana Marie Kadre and the North Palm Beach home of Al and Dawn Hoffman.


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Actually, I think Jeb was a Mitt guy.


This is all in keeping with the apocalypse that will happen on 12/12/2012. According to ancient Mayan prophecy, the Great Evil One will return to power just before the great collapse.


^^^Good Lord, Man! Get some professional help and pronto.^^^


The Great Evil One's return will be presaged by his minions, the toad-headed ones, who will spread lies and deceit. The good people will be shocked and awed to find him restored to his throne. Even his loyal minions will not be spared in the holocaust that follows. The Prophecies say that there will be much buyer's remorse.


I think the evil ones are already in power and they're trying to cram health care down our throats :)


Who cares about Jeb's "endorsements". We've experienced the political and economic damage wrought by the Bush family (I regretably votted for all of them). People need to wake up and see through all of the political propaganda of those who are ruining our country. After W's reign as President, the Bush family is reportedly worth in excess of $2 Billion. they don't care what happens to our country,; they are only concerned about increasing their personal wealths.

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