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Analysts see Crist bolting party to preserve candidacy


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We the People

Well, Marco Rubio could very well be indicted by November. How will THAT change this race, huh? At the very least he will be an embarrassment to the GOP nationwide. Will the Party of Acceptable Hypocrisy throw him under the bus where he belongs? Hard to say! Meanwhile, hardcore DEMs are not wildly enthusiastic about supporting Crist, due to his (up to SB 6) willingness to sometimes pander to the far right, such as his bailout of Big Sugar. He has their support because of SB 6, but if he doesn't follow through with lots of vetos of the absolutely crappy legislation which the wingnuts are pushing through in droves, he could lose it. Still every one is watching Charlie, and that's the way he likes it.


We the People you are wrong.

Charlie cannot win this as an Independent, NPA Dem or Republican.

The winner of this Florida senate race will be: U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R) Florida.


Charlie can thread the needle. The climate is right to take on the broken partisan party machines.

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