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Argenziano blasts House leaders 'disturbing ignorance' on energy bill

In her characteristically colorful fashion, PSC Chairwoman Nancy Argenziano wrote to Senate President Jeff Atwater today complaining that House leaders never consulted with the experts at the PSC when it drafted its renewable energy bill -- which has one more chance to come up before the Senate on Friday.

She notes that the measure would allow the state's electric companies to earn higher profits and charge customers more than any other form of energy but said the House leadership sought "neither advice nor analysis...from the PSC Economic Regulatory Division.''

In an often disjointed letter, she said she was prompted to write Atwater because of the "disturbing ignorance reflected by the House''  and her hope that there were legislators who still "give a damn about the impact of their actions on the people they ostensibly represent.'' Later, she also refers to "the leadership cabal of chronic, conniving, policy selling hacks masquerading as public servants.'' 

Here's Argenziano's letter: Download Ltr to atwater re house bill[1]