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Broward School Board formally opposes SB 6

Broward School Board members and Superintendent Jim Notter said Tuesday they would send Gov. Charlie Crist a letter opposing a controversial bill on his desk that would overhaul teacher pay and tenure. The board says the proposed legislation would create an unfunded mandate that would "create chaos in the stability of our workforce."

"If signed into law, this bill would take local control of public schools away from school boards, parents, administrators, and community members," a draft of the letter says. "The cordial and collaborative relationship between district school boards, teachers and administrators will be severely damaged."

School Board member Maureen Dinnen asked that the letter be hand-delivered to Crist's office in Tallahassee. "I understand his mailbox is full," she quipped at a workshop meeting Tuesday. "Surprise, surprise."

Thousands of Miami-Dade teachers took a day off Monday to protest the bill and urge Crist to veto it. He has until Friday to do so. (See our Q&A on the bill here.)

The Miami-Dade School Board has not taken an official position on the bill, though some members, like Chairman Solomon Stinson, have publicly opposed it. And Superintendent Alberto Carvalho has raised some concerns about the legislation; he told teachers in an automated call last week that he would do everything in his power "to protect the teaching profession."