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Charlie Crist praises class size vote

With all the focus on the teacher tenure bill, there has been little talk as to whether Gov. Charlie Crist supports the Senate and House's vote to put class size back before voters.

Well, he does.

From the press statement: "I believe it is the right time to offer Floridians a chance to provide more flexibility to local schools. By passing this amendment, we can keep classes small and direct more money toward other education priorities such as quality teachers, books, and technology.”


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Bob Calder

How in the world does he think classes will remain small if they tell people they can make them bigger? Is it that citizens are like children who will always stick beans in their nose when you say "No."?

Diane Bast

If small class sizes are important to parents, students, and taxpayers, then voters will approve measures to keep class sizes small. This is a great way for them to take responsibility for such decisions -- smaller class sizes cost money, and if you approve smaller class sizes you have to take that responsibility on as well.

To compare smaller class sizes to "beans in their nose" suggests Mr. Calder doesn't think very highly of smaller class sizes as a reform. I might agree with him -- but it's not my call to tell parents and taxpayers in a school district what they have to do.

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