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CQ: Joe Garcia's entry shakes up the race, changes rating

CQ Politics says Joe Garcia's decision to get into the race for the open seat in Miami has prompted them to change the rating for the district from "Likely Republican to the more competitive category of Leans Republican."


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concerned dade democrat

Republicans will win this race. Bad time for the Democrats and Joe is too liberal. He'll raise a ton of money and it will be competitive but it in the end, any republican will win this race. David Rivera is off to an impressive start; qualifyng by petition and raising 700k in just a short amount of time. Joe lost this race to an incumbent in the best possible time to run as a Democrat. The coat tails of the president were very long and Joe came close, but still lost. In a very tough time to run as a Democrat I think Joe will lose by more than he did in 2008. His ties to Obama are going to kill him. He worked for the administration which will be his downfall. The Republicans are going to establish with voters that Joe Garcia is just a rubber stamp for the president. I think this was a bad decision for him to get in this race.


OH NO liberal Joe and right wing Rivera, enough is enough, when is the media and higher ups in the Dem party going to wake up,this country and especially this district needs someone that is for the working people,not a lawyer,or career politician,and that person is Democrat Luis Meurice, he has always stood up for working families in this community and will do so in Wash Dc. He is honorable,respectful and fights for what is best for working people,he is not looking out for his personal political gain, a true representative of the people.


There goes Gus Garcia again...the same guy that just a few weeks ago was promoting his own "Draft Gus Garcia for Congress" Facebook page. What a JOKE!!!

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