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CQ Politics: Florida ratings realign -- in favor of Republicans

From CQ: "Springtime in the Sunshine State has brought a blossoming of congressional races shifting in favor of the GOP.

"An increasingly favorable environment for Republicans and strong GOP fundraising has prompted CQ Politics to revise several race ratings, moving two Florida House districts — the 2nd and 22nd — out of the Safe Democratic category and into the more competitive Likely Democratic position.

The ratings change in Democratic Rep. Alan Boyd’s Tallahassee-based 2nd district comes on the heels of his vote for the controversial health care bill that passed the House in March. Republicans are particularly upset about that vote since Boyd stood against the legislation in November. The National Republican Congressional Committee has already labeled Boyd a member of the “Flip Flop Five,” and has promised to target him in the fall.

"Further South in the Broward and Palm Beach-based 22nd district, retired Army officer and 2008 GOP nominee Allen West is proving to be anything but a typical re-run in his rematch against Democratic incumbent Ron Klein.

West, who was outspent by a 4-to-1 margin during the 2008 campaign, is proving to be a fundraising machine this cycle. He doubled his fundraising total from the last cycle by December 2009 and would be nearly even with Klein in the money chase if the lawmaker had not begun 2009 with a head start of nearly $1.6 million cash on hand,

That fundraising ability was a major reason that West was tapped as one of the first 10 challenger candidates to be included in the top level of the NRCC’s “Young Guns” fundraising and campaign infrastructure program.