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Crist is telling financial backers he's in: as independent

So the word is out: Gov. Charlie Crist is telling key financial backers that he's running for the U.S. Senate with no party affiliation. The announcement is scheduled for 5 p.m. in Straub Park in downtown St. Petersburg. They're expecting a small army of media, and it looks like Crist may have no Republican press staffers with him, and will rely on folks like local supporter Greg Truax and finance director Dane Eagle to deal with press inquiries.

His kick-off fundraiser is tentatively scheduled for Fisher Island off Miami Beach, where his wife owns a home.

-- Adam Smith


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Pathetic. What a selfish individual. He has been way to arrogant to see that the people who elected him no longer want him and is unable to take the high road and call it quits. Instead, he is putting at risk his party 's chances to a senate seat.

Crist is finished. Just like Alan Specter was when he made his move. This will only serve to galvanize the Republicans to go for Rubio.


This is gonna be a fun election cycle.

Ken T.

Good for you, Charlie. You stood up when the voters of Florida could not vote because of the insufficient polling station hours in the face of party criticism that this would play to the other side. You said then that you were on the side of the voters of Florida and at that point you showed you were a populist and not simply a party man. And again, when you brokered the Everglades land purchase long stalled by party politics, you sided with the people of the State of Florida in a forward thinking environmentally conscious way. I salute you, sir.

Bubba Donkey

I am fine with this and I even think he has a good chance. Rubio for the Ultra right, Meeks for the Ultra left and Charlie in the middle.

The only "people" who want Charlie out are the Republicans. The rest of us are just fine with him.

I am a lifelong Dem. that will probably vote for him.


I will vote for Crist. I really liked the way he handled SB6 and stood up for the teachers when they were getting the shaft by the other elected reps who were not listening to the voters.


Good For you Charlie. You just gained my respect and my support.


Man has my vote and a lot of others. Republicans are gonna get whupped!!


Thank you Charlie for being the man you are. I am a die hard Democrat but I will vote for you because of your convictions in working for the people of Florida. Just get started on your independent bid and let us know where to send the money for your campaign.



Little Marco Rubio is toast.


I'm a registered democrat who will be sending his $$$$ and vote to Charlie Crist. Good luck sir.


It's going to be a fight to the death, but a damn good fight to watch. Remember who is really for the people of florida. People say that Crist is flopper, I don't see a problem with a person that has to re think an idea because the circumstances have changed. Just like in the case of the oil spill. I want people who genuninely look into a problem. See what it is and come out with an intelligent approach. I think Charlie is that guy. Charlie started to understand that the people want someone to solve problems with real solutions. The republicans will continue to press for oil rigs regard of what damage it may due to floridas coastline. It's so sad that the republican party has wanted to distance itself so far from OBAMA that it distanced itself from alot of independent and some democratic voters. They have now borderlined on insanity!


Screw that! I'd still vote for Crist anyday over an arrogant, selfish Cuban like Rubio.

M. E. Armstrong

Run Charlies Run! A good man is hard to fine. May God continue to be with you as you lead us alaong life's path. You have proven to be a Man "for" the people and "of" the People. And you will be elected "by" the people.

May rubio and the other republican fall into the pits!!!!!


Crist is in it for Crist. He is a spend-crazy, tax-it crazy liberal. With almost half of Americans paying no income tax, there is somewhat of a base of voters for the handout heroes like Crist and Obama. But Crist will lose in November; people are tired of reckless, irresponsible spenders. The responsible people of Florida, and America, will defeat the parasites that are dragging us down.


If he splits the GOP vote and the democrat wins, it'll be a shame, because Kendrick Meeks wouldn't win on his own. This is a sad day for all Floridians.


way to go charlie. you just locked up my vote.


MEEKS 2010 Thanks Charlie you want my vote put a D in front of your Name .


Fire up the tanning booth, Charlie's running!


All the fringe lunatic rats of the extreme right are already screeching. I have already seen Rubio, Jeb Bush and other Republicans in CNN backing up from their previous statements, regarding the recently passed Arizona immigration law. It's obvious that with Charlie running out of the Republican Party they are panicking because they realize that the extreme right position of Rubio is extremely unpopular. They are not going to fool us and like I said before, in November the people of Florida will finally bury the disnosauric Republican Party. Good-bye, Marquito!


So now we got two liberals in the race. Wonder if they will split the lib' vote...hmmm.

Eddie Hill

I saw Crist say outright during his Fox News Sunday "debate" with Rubio that he would not run as anything but a Republican.

There is a word for this in my country: LIAR.

No wonder this guy is a politician.


I'm going to enjoy watching the Tea Morons heads imploding , MEEKS 2010


I haven't heard enough about Meeks to make a decision, but I'm glad Crist will be in it. Rubio would be a disaster. To all those that say they don't like Crist because he changed his mind on some issues, Rubio has been pandering to the tea party wackos which I see as worse.


He's got my vote. He will pull both Republicans and Democrats. The Republican Party control has aligned with the Tea Party - not my choice. The Florida GOP abandoned Christ when they aligned behind Rubio, and he has broken with the party on many issues now. Citizens need a moderate as a choice in this election. Thank you Christ for not allowing the Florida GOP to bully you out of the competition!


Life long democrat...will vote for Crist if he polls 1st or 2nd.


This changes the entire race, likely making it the most interesting race in this election cycle.

This move will likely benefit the Democrats, who will only need a plurality to win. It is very well possible that the winner will only need 40% to win straight up. Rubio is in the hunt, and so is Crist, but it gives Kendrick new life. I anticipate that the race will turn into a nasty fight between Crist and Rubio, with the Democrats waiting in the wings.

But don't sleep on Crist either. He'll get the independents, and I'm sure there are plenty of Democrats, especially in Central and North Florida who would be open to voting for him. Kendrick will get South FL., and Rubio will do well in North FL and SW Florida, where the Tea Party movement is strongest.

As always, the election will be decided in Central FL. Charlie is strong in the Tampa Bay area and Orlando, which should benefit him. Crist wins, but narrowly.

I wonder how Crist will govern in the meantime. He's no longer tied to the Republicans, so it'll be interesting to see if his agenda changes in any discernible way.


Isn't it past time for the 19 Million people of Florida and the 10.2 MILLION registered votes to BREAKUP the good ole boy political clique of 160 legislators ( 40 senators and 120 representative in the Legislature) and to cast off the corrupt political machines of BOTH the Republican and Democratic party that are controlled by the elists, ultra wealthy special interests groups behind the scenes.

haven't we seen enough of the corruption of so many of these "front men" for the special intersests? Out of 10.2 MILLION registered voters, there unequivocally are BETTER, more qulaified, and more ethical men of ethics to run our government. The problem is in the corrupt special interests that REALLY CONTROL who the party candidates, and their front men, are.

We need to take a look at who the members of the County and state "executive committees" really are, or who they REALLY REPRESNT. This is where the candidate selection starts; this is wherer they shoe horn in THEIR minions, the guys to carry out their special interests.

With 10.2 MILLION registered voters there unequivocally are BETTER men to serve our state in BOTH our State Legislature and in Congress. It is time to cast out all of these political hacks who are ruining our state and our nation.

If the people dont support better candidates, then: "People DESERVE the government that they have." And they DESERVE to suffer the NEGATIBE IMPACT of the corrupt politicians that they elect and tolerate.

Vote for "the person", not the party .... voting "party lines" certainly hasn't cleaned up the corruption in the past, has it?


Funny how Christ enjoyed years of high popularity until teabaggers and the media endorsed Mr. Rubio. Once again Republicans are pushing to much into the right and will lose hard if they nominate Rubio. My vote will go to Meek anyway, but Christ has a better chance of beating Meek than Mr. Uber-Conservative has.


This simply shows that Crist is a flip flopper that cannot be trusted. He was elected as a "Jeb Bush republican", then turned out to be more like a Carter/Obama Dem.
He will not get any of the GOP vote or even the independent votes either. I see the libs here groping for straws. The DEMS will go down very hard in Nov and your panic shows...


He can count on me...I have already donated to his campaign, a small donation to be sure, however I put as my address as "+1000 runasindependant"...I can't wait to make that donation.
Run Carlie Run...


Watch the entire Crist speech where he divorces himself from the GOP


Footage courtesy of RHINO FILM & MEDIA

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