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Crist posts 2009 tax return. Where's Rubio's?

In a sign Gov. Charlie Crist isn't going down -- or going independent -- without a fight, he posted his 2009 tax return today and challenged Senate rival Marco Rubio to do the same. Crist had already disclosed his returns going back to 2000,

The Crist campaign has been calling on Rubio to amend his tax filing to reflect the additional income he received when he double-billed taxpayers and the state party for several air fares to Tallahassee. Rubio said last week he planned to post his returns next month.

Crist filed his 2009 return individually, not jointly with wife Carole Crist. He listed his $132,191 salary as his only income. See it here: Download Charlie_Crist_Tax-Return_2009


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Robert Jenkins

Come on now; what a cheap political stunt. Expecting a person who doesn't understand the difference between legal personal incone, versus legal business expenses; to have last years taxes done, in the mhist of an I.R.S. investigation? Come on that would violate either the Fifth Amendment, or good common sense. If you were running for office and a tax return would really harm you politically; would you release it, before an election? Come on!!!

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