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Crist races Rubio to The Villages

U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio announced yesterday with great fanfare that he would kick off a four-day, statewide bus tour on Tuesday from The Villages, a bastion of diehard Republican voters in central Florida. The campaign's announcement paved the way for a big turnout and intense media coverage.

Contrast that approach with that of Republican rival Charlie Crist, who announced this morning at 9:33 a.m. that he will campaign at The Villages nine hours later.

"It's been scheduled for a while, but we don't send out the advisory until the day of or the night before,'' said campaign spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg.


"We're not having an event at the Villages. He's just stopping by,'' explained another campaign staffer, Andrea Saul.


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True Blue

The Villages - a bastion of idiots. That's why they support the party of NO. Take away all their government support and they would be Democrats in a minute.

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