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Crist takes responsibility for putting Greer at helm

In an interview, Gov. Charlie Crist said he is growing increasingly disillusioned with how former Chairman Jim Greer and the Republican Party handled secret contracts and spent money on party credit cards.

“It’s a mess,” Crist said in an interview. “This thing stinks.”

“A federal comprehensive investigation is ... fully appropriate,” he added, crediting CFO Alex Sink for suggesting the idea. “Particularly because of the significant IRS implications throughout this thing.”

Asked what took him so long, after months of demands from Democrats and Republicans for a federal investigation, he said: "I think it was being handled appropriately at the outset, based on what we knew at the time, and as I just said, the more facts you become aware of, the more concerned somebody who is fair and honest would become. And its simply a matter of that process."

Crist also acknowledged he put Greer at the helm. "I take responsibility for that but I think that again, once you become aware of what the facts are. I think an appropriate response is absolutely what is required. And I think it's required."


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A man who speaks the truth from an ethical and value oriented perspective...


Crist forced Greer on us.

Greer stole from the Republican Party, used the Republican Party as Crist's campaign, failed to campaign for the GOP nominee for President when he didn't pick Charlie for VP and consistently refused to disclose his American Express charges and other financial data.

When he was asked to resign for his many wrongs, Greer refused. Crist supported him to the hilt.

Finally, good people forced Crist's handpicked crook, Greer out. Now Crist's man, Greer is suing the party for Severance!

If he wrought this much damage to the GOP as Governor, imagine what he can do in the U.S. Senate!!


Crist is gonna go to jail

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