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Crist told SB6 sponsor he would sign bill

Gov. Charlie Crist is wavering on whether he will sign teacher tenure bill. For state Sen. John Thrasher, the lead sponsor, it's mystifying.

"He’s told me he’s going to sign it, and I take him at his word," Thrasher told reporters Thursday. "He told me several times he’s going to sign it.”

Thrasher continued, “He told me personally he liked the legislation. But, you know, people can change their mind I guess.”

Thrasher also floated the idea of a "reconciliation" measure to address problems in the bill. House leaders are preventing any changes to the bill, apparently concerned about the Senate's slim 21-17 margin of approval.


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Cindy Davis

Thrasher is clueless about the impact of his thoughtless proposals. Perhaps the vary teachers he has targeted as inept will determine his future. VOTE... it is your right, even if a respected voice in your profession has been ignored.


As an avid supporter of America's future and I see nothing positive coming from passing legislation SB-6. Our teachers already swim against the tide to help our children make gains. This legislation does nothing but punish teachers for numerous factors that are already out of their control. If anything, pressure should be placed on the students and their parents.
If this bill passes there will be students purposely dropping grades to negatively impact their teachers.
If this bill passes it will take even more responsibility/accountability off the parents and their children and place it on teachers.
If this bill passes educators in low-income areas (where children have no support at home) will be hit the hardest.
If this bill passes well-educated and experienced teachers will leave in droves.

Teachers are the keystone to our nation's future and Florida seems to always find ways to depreciate that fact. There should be no price tag on this issue. Educators are in the trenches every day and know what's best for their classrooms. I very much doubt that the legislators in Tallahassee know how this really impacts our children or even if they care. They just see numbers and it shows because Florida continues to be near the bottom in education. This decision will only solidify Florida's inept logic on educating our young.

Our education system always takes a back seat in terms of support and funding, and I tell you as a father of a 6th month old son, if SB-6 passes, my wife and I will move across State lines. We have already discussed it. We refuse to raise our son in a State that continues to view education as an afterthought.


Throughout my life I have been lucky, since I have always had the opportunity to find jobs that served the public from enlisting in the military to teaching here in Florida. I never expected to get rich from any of these endeavors but I could always feel good about myself and what I was doing. SB6 however, has left me with this burning question of why our elected officials are not doing the same. SB6 is a punitive measure against teachers and the working man.

-It proposes that teacher’s evaluations and recertification be tied to test scores. Two bad years of test scores would cause a teacher to lose their certification. Sounds good we can get rid of all those deadwood teachers. From day one since become a teacher, I have been taught that there is just not one way to get children to understand their lessons. All children are individuals. This bill does not take into account special needs children, ESOL students or teaching at alternative education schools. It does not take into account that children can have a bad test day and the pressure we are now putting on children to pass these tests. No longer are these tests gauging your child’s ability with their associated parental pressures, but let’s add the additional weight of letting the child know they also effect someone’s employment. Well, I guess your children should be able to handle this pressure by the time they are in third grade—welcome to the real world! How will teachers adjust since these tests only effects their livelihood? The same way anyone would if their livelihood was threatened-they will teach to tests and who can blame them. Your child didn’t really need that well rounded education anyway.

-This bill also eliminates pay scales for seniority and degrees held. Do you know of any occupation where experience doesn’t matter? Would you prefer the pilot with 25 -years of flying experience and military training or would you like the kid who just graduated flight school? Just wondering if Florida legislators get some compensation for seniority (pay, office perks, parking, retirement), but I guess seniority doesn’t matter. As for degrees held what is the point of a teacher continuing their education or for obtaining advanced degrees if they will not get any compensation for it. I have always told my students that the more education they receive the better off they will be. I must admit I have a vested interested here since I do have a master’s degree but I obtained that degree to better myself and my lot in life and I expect to be compensated for it. Finally, this bill gives Tallahassee the ultimate control over determining pay scales instead of local districts and unions because of its provisions. This should be an affront to any working man. I question this part of the bill’s constitutionality under the Fair Labor Act, and any legislatures motives that take away an individual’s right to negotiate labor rights. No wonder big business is for this bill and is lobbying for its passage.

I have spent my life, always up for a challenge, but this is a full frontal assault on education. I’m all for doing the best for our children but the playing field has become stacked against the common man with a set agenda of politicians and former politicians calling the shots. We need to work jointly on educational reform (Parents, teachers, and elected officials). We need our politicians to do the right thing, instead of pushing these bills through the Senate and House so opposition would be minimal. I have read articles that Governor’s Crist Office has been flooded with calls to stop SB6. When Governor Crist rightly points out that the peoples’ voices should be heard, proponents like Senator Thrasher are acting spoiled children saying you promised you would sign. This highlights the real failure of our educational system, teaching children to elect officials that will serve their interests and not their own. For that omission as a teacher I may surely pay.


Simply put. If SB6 passes we all need to pick up and get out of Florida. This place is going to the dogs. Mr.Trasher (spelled like it should) you are a disgrace to my party. If Ronald Reagan would be alive he would be disgusted with your actions. You are not thinking how this would affect people.There are much better ways to get rid of dead wood than cutting down the entire forest. Think about when you sleep tonight.

Albert Ramz

This is a bill for higher taxes and help Neal Bush and his testing company. plus the privat shcools are loosing students to public shccol becuase of higher scores and the bad economy. This bill is a ploy to help those private shcools and aad money to Jeb Bush's companies. Enough is enough of liers who are profiting from the public, We should wirte a bill that no polition who serves his community can profit from it after his term is up!

alber Ramz

Senator John Thrasher, the bill's sponsor, used to be the lobbyist for Educational Testing Service, a company that could benefit from the passage of this bill. Now we've gone from coincidence to a pattern. This bill has emerged as such a lightning rod that it has managed to become an issue in the U.S. Senate race between Governor Charlie Crist and former House Speaker Marco Rubio. While Governor Crist, in his role as Florida Governor, is carefully weighing the pros and cons of the bill before signing or vetoing it, former Speaker Rubio jumped into the fray of emotions declaring his support for SB6, a state matter that bears no relation to his U.S. Senate race. Of course, Speaker Rubio's support doesn't come as an earth-shattering surprise. Not when some of his former aptly named "12 Disciples" were voting for it, and he certainly wasn't going to oppose Governor Bush. After all, he has to be grateful to Governor Bush, who opened the door for him to gain national exposure in this race, because how else would a state House Speaker have had the connections to be on all conservative news outlets. And, of course, he needs Governor Bush for those lofty dreams of higher office, like a possible vice presidential candidacy in 2012.

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