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Daylight between Jeb and Rubio on immigration

Former Gov. Jeb Bush is among a group of business, government and religious leaders scheduled to call tomorrow for immigration reform.

"As tens of thousands of activists plan to march for immigration reform on May 1st, conservative leaders will discuss work that conservatives can engage in to increase pressure on the President and key Republicans in the Senate to move on immigration reform now,'' says the press release from Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform "Conservative leaders will provide an update on the fallout from last week's passage of Arizona's divisive immigration law and pray for a solution to the moral, economic and political crisis caused by our broken immigration system."

Bush supported the legislation under his brother's administration that would have allowed illegal immigrants to earn citizenship. His all-but-endorsed U.S. Senate candidate, former House Speaker Marco Rubio, has said he did not support the bill. "My hope is that Obama administration does not use the Arizona law as an excuse to ram through amnesty or something that would make it impossible for us to have a legal immigation system that works,'' he said today.



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I don't understand why our elected official don't understand their own written laws. Illegal means just what it says. Why can't you enforce the current law? What is so hard about that? Simple as this: If someone is here without correct documents, they are illegal immigrants and should be sent back home immediately. Those who have proper documents, should not have to worry.

Let law enforcement screw up first, before we start to worry about being stopped. Black men get stopped everyday and it's no big deal. How did this become a problem in the first place? Sounds to me, like stink politics.


Two days and counting and then Katie, bar the door.


The basic part of this law is the same as the one on the books in effect during several different administrations. The Government has not enforced these laws, so AZ had to do something. The person has to have been stopped for a "valid" reason before the officers can start to request information. Why should someone care if they are here legally?
An American can NOT cross the boarder into Mexico if you do not have the right papers. Why should not it be the other way?

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