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Debbie Wasserman Schultz to host health care town hall; South Florida Tea Party plans to attend

Shades of last summer? Debbie Wasserman Schultz will host a town hall meeting Monday to talk jobs, the economy, the stimulus and her office says, "the important health insurance reform legislation that was recently signed into law."

She'll be joined by experts with the AARP, the Small Business Administration and the Department of Housing and Urban Development at the 7:30 p.m. event at Fort Lauderdale City Hall to "explain the progress being made on turning the economy around and also to help answer questions people may have about the new health insurance reform law."

Already RSVP'ng for the event, the South Florida Tea Party, which notes that the Broward Democrat voted for the bill and members should "take this opportunity to give her your opinion and tell her to Repeal the Bill!"  


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Maybe she can talk about the growing national debt, and how she plans to pay for it. The Democrats are playing the taxpayers for suckers -- they promise us everything for free or subsidized, but they don't have a viable plan to pay for it. To them its just Monoply money that never has to be paid back. Our deficit spending is unsustainable, but she arrogantly just added to it with more entitlements under Obamacare. I hope the South Florida Tea Party can ask her one question -- who is going to pay for all this "free" stuff?


How did Bush pay for anything that he did in his 8 years. IT IS because of his recklessness that we are in the horrible economic situation we are in today. It seems that the dems always have to clean up the reps messes.

Mary Jane Stone

Same old, same old from repubs. Their Dub-ya gave them tax cuts and more tax cuts (made permanent!) while running up huge war debts and granting many favors to religious wingnuts who adored him. Now repubs want to holler about money-the money in their own wallets. What's in your wallet?


Jack and Mary Jane,

Bush did it, therefore, Obama gets a pass when he does it. Where is the change we were promised? Obama knew what he was up against well before the election. He understood the challenges 100% and still promised change.
Your posts are admission that the change you voted for was just another campaign lie to get your vote.


Anytime I have seen Schultz ,Who is pulling the string on the back of her neck, she should change her name to lying chatty kathy, she misrepresents facts, but she is consistant with her arrogant retoric. They must have all had to get their Stories (lies) straight. The arrogance of the Dems Not to listen to the american people, the voters will be giving this county an enema, in nov. and it will be administered in DC

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