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Dockery raps Crist, says best reform comes from within

Lakeland Sen. Paula Dockery, the underdog Republican candidate for governor, criticized Gov. Charlie Crist today for his expected announcement that he'll be running for the U.S. Senate as no party affiliated:

"While I can certainly understand the governor's frustration with Republican legislative leaders, the best way to rebuild our party is from the within,'' Dockery said in a statement today. "A true leader doesn't give up and walk away, but puts his or her shoulder to the wheel to restore our party's integrity and traditional values, which means less government spending, less government bureaucracy and less government involvement in picking the winners and losers in a free marketplace."


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What a thoroughly bone-headed comment by Senator Dockery. Uncle Charlie is NOT walking away from the GOP due to his concern about its integrity, values, etc. He is walking for ONE reason, and ONE reason only -- he was going to be obliterated in the GOP primary, period.

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