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Dockery: 'We're supposed to be different'

Sen. Paula Dockery releases a statement on the latest news coming out of the Republican Party of Florida:

Instead of just disclosing what they knew to be wrong and getting the issue past us, the old guard of the Republican Party of Florida, including some elected leaders, is now staring at serious federal and state investigations as we move into the final stretch of a very important election cycle.  During this election where the GOP should have the people behind us and the Democrats on the run, we are bogged down with this embarrassing albatross of financial corruption and we are becoming a national disgrace.

If Bill McCollum and other establishment Republicans had shown the slightest leadership and called for the RPOF to come clean, this disastrous situation could have been avoided or we could have put it behind us by now. Instead, we are suffering death by a thousand cuts as each day brings new revelations of outrageous financial mismanagement and downright corruption.

We’re supposed to be different.  As Republicans we believe in fiscal restraint and personal responsibility.  But in an effort to protect a few bad actors, the party leadership decided to circle the wagons, and by doing so, painted the Party in a very unfavorable light. The existence of a severance agreement signed by high-level elected officials is deeply troubling and highlights the extent to which efforts at transparency were thwarted.


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A SECRET severence agreement, theft, bribery, fraud,more theft, misappropriation of funds, more bribery, perjury, attempted bribery, more fraud, more theft, more bribery....yeah, you're wishing your Party could put this behind you, but such criminal behavior is so ingrained in the FRP it's hard to pretend otherwise. These are the LEADERS of the RPOF, not some flunky aides. Good luck convincing voters that you sewer rats don't all stink.


And Republican leadership is also solidly opposed to any sorely needed reform to Wall Street. They are happy to keep Wall Street and their fat cats friends in easy street, and rather distract the country with clearly backwards an unAmerican legislation, such as the one enacted by Republicans in Arizona.

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