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Dude, where can I get a new bong?

Pretty soon, not at the head shop.

A bill that makes it virtually impossible for head shops to sell bongs, water pipes and other
drug paraphernalia cleared the House on Wednesday morning and is headed to Gov. Charlie
Crist's desk. It is sponsored by Darryl Rouson, a Democrat from St. Petersburg.

Sitting in Palm Beach County rehab, Rouson scribbled in his diary that one day he'd
do anything to help people fight the crack addiction that he struggled with.

"I'm not proud of my journey from addiction to recover,'' Rouson said, "but I'm not
longer embarrassed by it.''

 More than 250 head shop owners started a website to protest against the bill, but only
one spoke against the bill during the committee process.


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True Blue

He's still a crackhead.n Only now he doesn't smoke it.


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