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Fasano: Legislative leaders misread the Republican voter opposition to SB 6

Sen. Mike Fasano, a Crist supporter who voted for SB 6, said the governor was "very courageous'' in vetoing the bill and going against Republican Party leader and Sen. John Thrasher, the sponsor, as well as the House speaker, Senate president and the majority of the Republicans in the legislature.

"This was no longer a teacher's union issue,'' Fasano said. "This Senate Bill 6 took on a life of its own and I saw that in my district when hard-core Republicans, who vote in Republican primaries, were contacting me...telling me to urge the governor to veto the bill. This was no longer a union, or Democratic issue. This he went beyond that.''

Fasano said the legislature's Republican leadership failed to reflect the Republican base when it pushed through this bill they way they did. "I believe an overwhelming number of Republicans, in fact maybe even a majority of them, who were not part of a union, many of them who were not teachers...had concerns with Senate Bill 6,'' he said. "The majority of people in the state opposed Senate Bill 6 and a majority of Republicans as well." 


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