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Fasano plans amendments to House PSC reforms

Despite attempts by House leaders to move closer to the Senate's proposal to make reforms to the Public Service Commission, Sen. Mike Fasano said Wedneday that the Senate will send the bill, HB 7209, back with three changes on it:

* Remove the requirement that PSC commissioners have a four-year degree or receive the super-majority of the nominating council to be appointed, a measure the House included that would make current PSC chairwoman Nancy Argenziano ineligible for reappointment.

* Remove the requirement that the PSC's executive director be confirmed by the Senate.

* Restore the requirement that all private communcations between the utilities and PSC staff be put in writing and posted on the agency's web site within 72 hours.

* Restore the provision that utility officials who engage in the prohibited off-the-record communications pay a fine.

"We'll see what they do,'' said Fasano, R-New Port Richey, the Senate bill's sponsor.


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He Mike Fasano the Monopolies,Electric,Gas and water OWN the PSC/OPC this two entities are so corrupt they can no more breath and have their hands tied,they can no more in their actual form be fair and unbiaised.This commissionners have to be elected ,and function under or with imput from the customers(payers) oversight.Or the best solution is to declare the for profit utility corporations COOP'S ;the CUSTOMERS paying all the expenses it is only legitimate they share in the profits rending the PSC/OPC and their staff obsolete eliminating in one strike all the controversy and helping the state balance the budget

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