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Fertilizer ban, gun provision in limbo on last day

An effort to pre-empt Pinellas County's fertilizer ban is one of the last fights in the Legislature this year. The ordinance bans the sale and use of fertilizer during the rainy summer months in order to avoid runoff. A legislative pre-emption of the sale has already passed the House.

The Senate just now approved an amendment by Sen. Eleanor Sobel that makes it easier for localities to approve strict ordinances. The vote: 21-18, with several Republicans crossing over to side with the Democrats.

But there's an added wrinkle. NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer is sitting in the front row of the gallery, wondering what will happen to her amendment that allows people to carry guns in their cars. It would be added to the same agriculture bill (SB 382). Since the Senate and House do not agree on the fertilizer provision, the bill (with or without the gun language) cannot move forward. Stay tuned...