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Six Republicans tell the governor to veto the teacher pay bill

Six Republican legislators who voted against SB 6 have now, predictably, asked the governor to veto it.

In a letter to Gov. Charlie Crist today, Senators Paula Dockery and Alex Villalobos, and Representatives Faye Culp, Ed Homan, J.C. Planas and Julio Robaina say that if the bill "simply rewarded exceptional teachers with extra pay and offered new avenues to remove bad teachers, we could have voted in support.

Instead, the maverick legislators say the bill "directly violates the core principles of the Republican Party'' because it will expand government. Download Crist Veto SB 6 Letter


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all supporters of crist for senate


and all correct. No matter who they support for senate, they are right in what they say! This is a bad bill that will do more harm than good and I am glad there are some republicans that are willing to buck the party and display individual thought!

Sharon Mia Opinionstein

yes, but very few. let's not forget it's the democrats who voted against it en masse. the republicans mentioned in the article are just pandering. but hey, teachers, keep voting for them republicans to state office, they REALLY care about you.

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