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Fresh off a health care town hall/protest, Wasserman Schultz heads to Haiti

The Sun Sentinel reports "dueling scenes" from Debbie Wasserman Schultz's town hall meeting Monday: "Outside, hundreds of people gathered for democracy You Tube style — with shouting and hostility from dueling camps. Inside, it was mostly calm — more like a civics seminar and sales pitch for the country's health care overhaul law."

Pictures of the meeting and protest, this one titled "Wasserman Schultz - the Russkie!' courtesy former Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Tim Smith's Fort Lauderdale. Town20you20lie

Wasserman Schultz visits Haiti today with Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, to look at ways of helping Haiti’s recovery and "investment in children and families."


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As an haitian american, I believe that any country that would like to help haiti must do through some projects not a check given to anyone, due to the cultural corruption in Haiti from the executif to the street sweepers, without mention the private sector. The government of ONG is not any better than the official government.building schools, universities, professionels schools, bridges ,pavement roads, hospitals, running water,public transportation,airports,seaports etc... to mention just a few things that can be done with the billions promise to HAITI through a real decentralise of the "REPUBLIC OF PORT-AU-PRINCE" even though nature has done it for us.


Where are the photos of the pro-healthcare supporters who lined the City Hall sidewalk jeering and yelling at the protesters quietly standing on the opposite corner? Made up of union members and Organizing for Obama/America members they tried for hours to incite the protesters into violence. Fortunatley, they didn't take the bait. There isn't one photograph anywhere of those thugs. It is as if they were never there. Disgraceful reporting by the media

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