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George LeMieux: "No information that Charlie is going to run as an independent"

Asked on a conference call about persistent talk that Gov. Charlie Crist is going to run as an independent -- and whether he'd still support him -- George LeMieux said today:

"I have no information that he's going to run as an independent," LeMieux said. "He's a Republican, he's always been a Republican and I expect him to run as a Republican."

He said he's encouraged Crist to sign the controversial education bill. "I've asked him to sign the education bill and I hope that he will," LeMieux said. "I don't think that him running as a Republican and what he does on the education bill are linked."

And on the controversy over the president's fundraisers today in Miami: "The president has a right to raise money and Gloria Estefan is a great Floridian," LeMieux said. "It doesn't strike me as being a problem."