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Get on your feet! Gloria Estefan to host fundraiser with Barack Obama

President Barack Obama conveyed his harshest rebuke yet of Havana's government last week and, hours later, Gloria Estefan protested repression in Havana from the streets of Miami.

Now, they'll be together again when the Cuban-born singer and her husband, Emilio, host Obama at their Miami Beach home April 15 for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser, when the president comes to Florida to talk about cuts to the NASA space program.

The $30,400-a-couple cocktail reception is the Estefans' first political fundraiser, said Democratic consultant Freddy Balsera, who advised Obama's campaign on Hispanic issues and is close to the couple.

It's not their first Obama encounter. Here's Gloria's Christmas interview with POTUS.


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Esperanza Pretus

Gloria Estefan, eres una puerca y asquerosa. No vuelvas ni a mencionar que eres cubana y mucho menos que apoyas la lucha contra Castro, cuando eres capaz de hacer una cena para recaudar fondos para Obama y sus secuaces,que quieren destruir este país y llevarnos al socialismo. Esto te va a costar muy caro.
¿Qué puede esperarse de una barriobajera como tú?


Hey Dumbo Gloria... Dems don't quash commies - they ultimately coddle them! Haven't you learned anything in your some 60 odd years? You are a sell-out! You can cash that note at any bank!


Bottom line, Gloria and Emilio are fundraising for Democrats Pelosi, Franks, Dodd, Reid, Kucinich, members of the Castro loving Congressional Black Caucaus, and the rest of the extreme left.

What an incredible disappointment!


Norman Mattoon Thomas (11-20-1884 to 12-19-1968) was a leading American socialist, pacifist, and six time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America. In a 1944 speech he said: The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of "liberalism" they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened." He went on to say "I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform


Gloria and Emilio how far do you want to climb? What a terrible disappointment. I’ve always respected and admired you both because of your of your beliefs. I came to this country back in 1961 I grew up raised my son here, I love this country it gave my family a warm welcome and now is being destroyed by the same evil that destroyed the place where I was born. I haven’t forgotten where my roots were left. Have you? Communist took our place of birth and is threatening our freedom again. I was at the Damas de Blanco March just because it was sponsored by the Estefan’s the perfect FREE CUBA FROM COMUNIST couple and now you turned around and sponsor and support a fundraiser for a “SOCIALIST” President what a shame. How could you stand in front of all those people the day of the march and pray to god for the freedom of Cuba and then do something like this. May God forgive you! You are the Judas of the Cuban community.

Alberto Campaneria

Gloria y Emilio, tremenda decepcion he recibido, yo me sentia orgulloso de ustedes como Cubanos y han escogido la fecha que se conmemora la muerte de tantos cubanos y entre ellos de mi hermano Virgilio Campaneria, para recaudar fondos para un partido que fue causante del fracaso de Bahia de Cochinos, y del actual Presidente que quiere llevar a este gran Pais a la misma ruina que hemos sufrido en nuestra Patria de origen. No lo podremos olvidar. Que engano hemos recibido cuando la demostracion en apollo a las Damas de Blanco nos sentimos unidos a ustedes ese dia, pero la bofetada que nos has dado no la podremos olvidar jamas. Alberto Campaneria


The miami cubans are just too caught up in loving republicans vs. seeing this as an opportunity for hispanics. Don't blame the estefans or any democrats for what's happening in this country now - financial meltdown started under bush, we are in 2 wars because of him and hello - hispanics stand to gain a lot from 'socialized healthcare' seeing as so many are low income -- Including right here in Miami!


It's that blind sided ignorance that won't allow some of us past the hate to see that the best oportunity's to liberate Cuba in the future depend on the relationship some of the prominent Cubans representing us keep with every administration. Open your eyes and see the bigger picture!

Fool Me Once

I always admired Americans who fled Cuba for their love of freedom. Now I see that the same gullible naievete that allowed them to fall for Castro's slick charm has put them under the spell of the snake oil salesman in chief: Obama, The Chosen One, who has surrounded himself with the very thugs who yanked Elian from his home on Good Friday in a shameful show of unconstitutional force. Have you all forgotten that Obama loyalists and Cabinet members Eric Holder and Greg Craig were key players in the lawless snatch of Elian ?

It is a shame that the Estefans cannot see that the same march to tyranny that doomed Cuba is well under way here, in a bipartisan effort to eradicate freedom. Please look at S.3081 and decide for yourself if that bill, supported by Obama AND Repubs, is something one would find in Cuba. How about the National ID act? The Military Commissions Act? The approval of illegal wiretapping of AMERICAN citizens in the FISA bill? Bankster takeovers/ "bailouts" while we the serfs pay for more and get less? A soon to be bankrupt country for all but the elite, JUST LIKE CUBA!!

Wake up folks, while you now fight for the Cuba that you abandoned, the land of the free that welcomed you is sliding into the same cesspool of tyranny from which you fled.

Will you be fooled AGAIN?

Jesus Iglesias

estoy en desacuerdo con darle divulgacion a este e-mail, que solo sirve para seguir dividiendo al exilio.

hay muchos de los de los Castros metidos en el exilio de Miami(recordemos al infiltrado en Hermanos al Rescate, que costo el cohetazo a uno de sus aviones -en aguas internacionales- que costo la vida a los pilotos)(recordemos a los 5 espias presos en USA),(recordemos a los profesores de la Universidad Internacional de Miami, espiando para Castro)(recordemos a una boricua en el departamento de defensa de USA, espiando para Castro)cuya funcion es dividir al exilio.

Este email en contra de los Estefan, murio aqui.

El padre de Gloria era Policia del Palacio Presidencial (Before Castro)se escapo de ser fusilado en los primeros dias de la toma del poder por el 26 de julio y los Castro-Che
fué soldado de la Brigada 2506 que invadio a Playa Giron fué rescatado por los millone$ que USA le dio a Castro para liberar a los expedicionarios de la 2506
fue soldado del ejercito americano en VietNam y murio a causa del Agente Orange con el que se rociaban las selvas de VietNam para matar la vegetacion y encontrar a los del VietCon y que dañó la salud a muchos soldados de infanteria del ejercito de EEUU que aun siguen sufriendo las consecuencia de esa fumigacion

y ahora viene este bunch de estupidos incalcitrantes a questionar y a desacreditar la cubanidad de Gloria y Emilio.

Gloria y Emilio dieron uin concierto, hace muchos años' a los cubanos detenidos en altamat y llevados a la base naval de Guantánamo.
Cuando Gloria y Emilio no soñaban ni llegar a donde han llegado -y llevado al éxito a inumerables artistas hispanos- y ellos no eran mas que "The Miami Sound Machine" el gobierno cubano protesto que ellos tocaran en los Juegos Panamericanos.
Y que se creen este bunch de estupidos, que los republicanos nos van a ayudar a liberar a Cuba de los Castro? ¿Que hicieron Regan, Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, & Bush? ¿Que hicieron Johnson, Carter and Clinton?
Come on!
Grow up!

Miguel C.


El padre de Gloria no es Gloria, pero ya tu sabes eso.

Es muy posible que el padre de Gloria se este revolviendo en su tumba al ver lo que su hija esta haciendo.

Natalia R

Gloria Estefan Emilio Estefan, los felicito por su musica, su arte y todos los exitos obtenidos, poniendo en alto siempre la causa de los cubanos, y la libertad que todos queremos para Cuba, soy su admiradora y me uno a su lucha, ya que como pintora, senti en carne propia la falta de libertad y de expresion en Cuba, formaba parte de ese grupo de artistas que como no nos consideran dentro de la elite, no podiamos exhibir nuestra obra, ni mucho comercializarla, en los espacios cerrados o publicos, ya que estan monopolizados por las llamadas vacas sagradas. Desde el exilio, estoy tratando de promocionar a los artistas de la plastica cubanos para hacer una gran galeria de arte cubano aca, y asi poder ayudar a los que estan del otro lado. Me gustaria enviarle si es posible mi proyecto para que me de su valoracion al respecto.Hace poco estuve en el Restaurant Bongo en Disney, y me parece un lugar excelente, la atencion es buena y el diseno del espacio se ajusta muy bien a nuestra nacionalidad e idiosincracia. Felicidades.

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