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Gloria Estefan says she and Obama talked Cuba

On Larry King Live Thursday night, Gloria Estefan shrugged off criticism from some Cuban-Americans that she and her husband were letting down the Latin music stars' Republican supporters by hosting President Barack Obama in a fundraiser in their Miami Beach home.

Estefan said she is not registered with either party and that she and her husband, Emilio, remain nonpartisan.

"It was an honor to have President Obama here, and I support him -- he's in a tough position," she said. "I think anybody that took over this country at the moment that he did is going to go through a lot."

Estefan, who wore a white sheath, said Republicans and Democrats attended the fundraiser, and she had a chance to talk to the president about repression against Cuban dissidents.

"It was a wonderful night," she said.


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Victoria Martinez

As a Cuban born American, I am very proud that Gloria and Emilio are not enjoying the fruits of their success oblivious to what goes on in their our country of origien, but instead very much involved in helping the suffering people of Cuba. Que Viva Cuba Libre!


As a Cuban born American, I am honor and proud to have two people like Gloria and Emilio represent the spirit of the cuban people in search for democracy and freedom in our deteriorated beautiful island of Cuban! This is more than an honor for cuban immigrant to be host to the president of the United States! Que vivan Gloria y Emilio!!!! QUE VIVA UNA CUBA LIBRE!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you are born an American then you are not Cuban by any extent of the imagination. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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