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Greer puts McCollum in center of severance talks

In all this mess about the Republican Party offering former Chairman Jim Greer a now-disputed severance package, there is little talk about Attorney General Bill McCollum's involvement. 

But a new document obtained by the Herald/Times describing Greer's negotiations with the Republican Party concerning his severance package illustrates his close connection to McCollum.

Greer writes to GOP general counsel Jason Gonzalez that he will honor the "commitments that I have made to the House, Senate and McCollum's campaign" upon his departure. It's unclear what commitments Greer is referring to.

In the document, Greer also takes credit for helping McCollum, "who I might add would not be without question the presumptive nominee if not for my efforts. McCollum's campaign spokeswoman Kristy Campbell said no commitments exist and disputed Greer's role as king-maker.

Months ago, McCollum received credit in helping oust Greer, a quiet, decisive presence behind the scenes. And now he initiated a criminal investigation by FDLE after earlier suggesting it wasn't necessary.

Read more here. And continue below for more of Greer's defensive letter to the party on Feb. 11, a month after his departure and a day before the party allegedly revoked the severance agreement.


In as much you serve as General Counsel and have been representing the Parties  involved in these issues, I wanted to make you aware of certain matters and seek  your guidance and/or assistance pertaining to such. 

First, I wanted to make you aware that I have retained the law firm of Chase,  Freeman relating to any and all RPOF matters. Please do not consider this action hostile or that I would not keep the commitments that I have made to the House,  Senate and McCollum's campaign.  

However, I am becoming concerned that the commitments made to me by you, Dean Cannon, Mike Haridopolos, John Thrasher and Bill McCollum ( who I might add  would not be without question the presumptive nominee if not for my efforts),  verbally and in writing are not being adhered to. Furthermore, the commitment to  expel Allen Cox from the State Committee and "bring under control Gary Lee and  others" seems to be not occurring. The numerous commitments that were made to me  that all of these issues would end if I resigned for the purpose of Party unity  have unquestionably not occurred.

After three years of working hard to make the Party grow and serve as Chairman  well, I have watched over the last several weeks a distortion of facts, personal  attacks against myself, Delmar Johnson and others, the terrible treatment of my  staff and the continued attacks against me without any defense from Party  leaders, all of which I was assured would not happen. I also would mention that  as Chairman until the 20th I have not been consulted on issues requiring my  approval including the distribution of Party funds to outside entities.

Now, as it relates to Delmar Johnson and the fund raising agreement, which was  not secret, was known and reviewed by others and contained the same language  used with the other Party Fundraiser agreements  and the related accusations  about this and other Party expenditures, I believe it may be in the best  interest of the Party, regardless of political consequences, that all internal  workings of the entire RPOF, including all contracts, rental agreements,  consulting fees, earmarked accounts, Amx statements, basically a review of each  and every aspect of RPOF including internal and external relationships , during  and prior to my Chairmanship of RPOF be made public and reviewed by the RPOF  state committee, your thoughts on this idea would be appreciated.

I do agree that continuing to air all of these internal party matters in the  media is detrimental to all concerned and most likely would bring the "House  down" and end many careers, so I would suggest we all focus on uniting the  Party, get this under control and that no further criticisms of my Chairmanship  occur and these "activists" such as Cox, Lee, Eric Miller and others which you  and the other relevant Parties have all said are destroying our Party need to be  convinced to cease their course of action.  I understand that some of the aspects of this Chairman's election,  you and  others cannot control, and I appreciate all you have done but lets all remember  I have done all I have been asked to by you, Dean, Mike , Bill, John including  not responding or defending these issues, but I'm tired of watching this destruction of our party and me personally continue. It needs to end. Let me  know your thoughts or those of others . 


Jim Greer