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Greer received $125,000 through secret party contract

Florida GOP officials said Tuesday that former party Chairman Jim Greer received $125,000 through Victory Strategies, the shell company he owned that siphoned party donations through a secret contract with then-executive director Delmar Johnson.

Jason Gonzalez, the party's general counsel, said officials discovered the information recently amid the ongoing internal audit into Greer's management of the party, which ended with his ouster in January. Victory Strategies received a total of $200,000 from the party and the clandestine contract spurred a criminal investigation. Greer countered with a civil suit, alleging the party failed to honor a severance agreement.

Greer contends the party knew about the Victory Strategies arrangement and the party initially deemed the contract invalid because Greer never signed it. But party officials said the legal strategy is shifting to suggest the severance is void because Greer defrauded the party.

The battle between Greer and the Republican Party of Florida now involves three former U.S. attorneys. The party hired Ken Sukhia, former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Florida, to defend the civil lawsuit Greer filed against the party.

Greer hired Lake Mary lawyer Damon Chase to represent him in the civil lawsuit but retained  two former U.S. attorneys, Greg Miller of Tallahassee and Marcos Jimenez of Miami, in the ongoing criminal investigation being conducted by state and federal authorities.

Greer’s lawyers have questioned the continuing involvement of Attorney General Bill McCollum in the criminal case. McCollum referred questions about the contract to the FDLE and the statewide prosecutor, agencies that report to him.

”I just don’t understand how he can stay in this,’’ Miller said Wednesday. “He’s going to be a witness in the case. You can’t be a witness and remain in it. It’s shocking.’’

McCollum still refuses to recuse himself.

-- John Frank and Lucy Morgan


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Jim Ellison

Yep. Rick Scott is JEB's pitcher in the bullpen because McCollum is going under the bus. Ba-Bump-Ba-Bump! Hmm, do we want corruption-tainted perennial bridesmaid McCollum or taxpayer-defrauder HMO CEO Scott for Governor? Of course, there IS constitutional conservative, fiscally responsible, ethics and taxpayer champion Paula Dockery for Governor of Florida. The woman that the corrupt-o-crats are afraid to hold the veto pen.


Greer is a greedy pig for scamming the party like that. And who put him in charge of the GOP? Charlie Crist. Who fought for Greer when everybody was complaining about the spending, the arrogance, and the incompetence? Charlie Crist. No wonder Crist is leaving the GOP -- without Greer to push the party behind him, Crist's support is drying up. Elephants don't like Rinos.

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