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Greer to Crist: Go for it

Most every prominent Republican is begging, pleading and threatening Gov. Charlie Crist not to bolt the party and run for the U.S. Senate as an independent. It would be disloyal, they say (though how loyal has the GOP been to him of late?)

Everyone is begging Crist to stay put -- except for the recently deposed chairman of the state party, Jim Greer.  

He said: "Charlie Crist has always put the people first before partisan politics and that has always upset those who put partisan politics before the people. If putting the people first once again requires him to run as an independent he should do it!''


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the Dagger

oh please....

Een now Captain Jim doesn't see the iceberg straight ahead

Jim Greer, aka Captain of the S.S. Crist Titanic.


The best thing for the Rubio and Meek campaigns is a Greer endorsement of Charlie Crist.


Thread the needle Charlie. The climate and the nuances of this race are right for an Independent bid. A pox on both your houses is a winning formula.

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