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Groups push to add sales tax to online purchases

A group of business and social service organizations argued Friday that Florida is missing out on at least $35 million in a tight budget year because it doesn’t collect sales taxes on Internet purchases.

Business groups such as AIF and the Chamber of Commerce say their brick and mortar stores are at a “clear, competitive disadvantage,” said Florida TaxWatch President Dominic Calabro.

“This is absolutely important to our state,” said Sen. Evelyn Lynn, R-Ormond Beach. “We are hurting for revenue.”

The legislation would have Florida join 22 other states who have changed their sales tax laws to voluntarily collect sales taxes on remote purchases. If Congress requires states to collect taxes on Internet sales, Florida could be in line for up to $1 billion, Calabro said.

The legislation has not been heard in a committee in either chamber, making its passage increasingly unlikely with only three weeks left in the session.


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Juana Maria

Here we go again. The buyers will be the ones paying anything that comes out of this. Would it make my life better for Florida not to "miss out" on 35 million dollars? Are we going to have more jobs in Florida? Would my RE taxes go down because of this? Yeah, right, I thought so. Real Floridians will never see the benefits of an additional 35 millions. We all know that. Once more, let's stick it to the consumers.

Clemencia Summers

$35 million sure is a lot of dough! Yes, internet purchases must be missing this very important business aspect. However, it is likely that buyers would have to take this toll. But then, at the end of the day, these taxes will go a long way and contribute to the nation's economic progress.

Lenora Morgan

Florida must have one of the highest sales rates in online marketing because of its high tourist activities and recreation spots. They should consider giving the government their internet sales taxes, as this will serve as the tax payment for the incoming projects.

Lauren Edith

This is the result of having millions of online marketers every year in Florida. Yeah, well, consumers are the ones who pay taxes for large businesses. The 35 million dollars comes from the clients, and the clients should benefit from those taxes through the form of privileges.

Parris Moretti

I agree with Clemencia. And collecting the revenues in a timely manner can help the state establish an economic growth. About the additional tax on online purchasing, perhaps only time can tell if this is going to work well with the tight budget situation.

Darcy Grubaugh

If it will benefit the state, then this should be implemented. Online shopping is very convenient for some, and if this trend can contribute more to the economy, this is going to be the most advisable way to purchase our needs. I love online shopping because it saves me a lot of money from spending on gas.

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