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Haridopolos said he's having second thoughts on oil

Sen. Mike Haridopolos, the Senate's incoming Senate president who along with incoming House Speaker Rep. Dean Cannon had expected to push for oil exploration when they take office next year, said he is having second thoughts in the wake of the spill off the Louisiana Coast.
"I'm very concerned. You can't put a strong enough word on it,'' Haridopolos told reporters late Wednesday. "We have not seen something like this in American waters since 1969 and we thought the technology would prevent something like this from happening again.''
He compared the blowout tragedy to the coal mining disasters in West Virginia and the shuttle disasters that hurt his home region, the Space Coast. "These are dangerous operations."
Haridopolos said he and Cannon will spend the summer studying what happened in the Gulf. "Was it human error, was it sabotage or just the inherent risk of the operation? I don't know. I don't think anybody knows at this point."
"I have great pause,'' he said. "The good news is, we've got a year to figure out where we're at and why and to see what's the best thing for Florida."


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Seth Platt

I love all the Conservatives throwing in that it could have been sabotage. These two authored some of the worst legislation I have ever read. I encourage everyone to read Haridopolos's BILL and see how there were no protections whatsoever for coastal communities. He was selling the farm. http://www.flsenate.gov/Session/index.cfm?Mode=Bills&SubMenu=1&BI_Mode=ViewBillInfo&Year=2010&BillNum=2622


Mikey will have "a great pause," on whether drilling in the Gulf is a good idea... that is until the next six-figure donation from BP is sent to his PAC.... all of this as the spilled oil moves closer to FL's beaches... and he and Dean Cannon are going to think for another year if drilling in state waters is a good idea...

True Blue

He's only the incomming Senate president if the G. NO P'ers remain in control of the Senate. With what has gone on this session that may be doubtful.

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