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In first ad, Paula Dockery brickbats McCollum-Sink bank duo

In 30 seconds, Paula Dockery whacks and mocks her opponents and then trumpets herself as the pro-life, pro-gun political outsider opposed to bailouts and corruption.

Not bad for a first ad.

But to be effective, the Lakeland Republican senator needs to spend some of her considerable personal fortune to make sure people see the commercial. A massive ad buy is a surefire way to quickly catch up to fellow Republican Bill McCollum, Florida's attorney general and the primary race's clear frontrunner. McCollum's camp has to feel a little nervous these days now that independently wealthy Republican Rick Scott, R-HCA, has jumped in the race. He has pledged to spend some millions on his own ads and thump McCollum a little.

Dockery's ad is also a shot at Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, the Democratic frontrunner: There's another woman trying to win this race.


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I can hear the bankers already circling their wagons. "Oh my! The injuns are coming, the injuns are coming."

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