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Jeb calls Crist; an 'unforgivable' backstory

The two governors still haven't actually spoken about their differences over the big education bill -- the one Jeb Bush supports and Charlie Crist is likely to veto. But after it was reported over the weekend that Bush had not contacted Crist in an effort to get him to sign it, the former governor did call his successor.

"He left me a voice mail," Crist said Tuesday. "He encouraged me to sign the bill. Shocking."

The sarcasm dripping from Crist's voice is no accident.

Crist was very upset when Bush, in a live Fox TV appearance a couple of weeks ago, used the word "unforgivable" to describe Crist's enthusiastic support of federal economic stimulus money.

In his first comments on that subject, Crist said: "I thought it was unfortunate. The fundamental fairness of it wasn't right. I think it's unforgivable if somebody kills somebody. Unforgivable? Walk in my shoes now."

-- Steve Bousquet


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Go away Jeb... you and the rest of your criminal family are thankfully, NOW IRRELEVANT!


If Charlie's singular accomplishment as Gov is to veto SB6, that will be enough. The Jebbites have never recognized his election and have been more arrogant than ever this session. They just may have stirred up a hornet's nest with moderate Republicans (yes, they do exist), Independents and swing vote Democrats who see this for the Bush tainted power grab that it is. Wait till the IRS interviews Boy Marco near the primary vote day.

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