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Jeff Atwater attack flyers hitting mailboxes

Now that his chamber passed the so-called "teacher tenure" bill, Senate President Jeff Atwater is coming under attack from an issue advocacy group, No Tallahassee Takeover Inc., which is linked to the teacher unions. First the group ran TV ads, now it has converted them into slick mailers.

Atwater Fails_Pg1

Atwater Fails_Pg2

Lights Out for Atwater_Pg1

Lights Out for Atwater_Pg2


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Is it possible that there could be some blowback to Jeffy for his slavish devotion to Jeb's plan to privatize public K-12 education in Florida? With the huge campaign fund Jeffy has amassed he will buy so many TV commercials that no one will even know Loranne Ausley is the Democrat running against him. The Jebbites know that what counts is getting big campaign donations from the fatcats.


Correction: Its not the education they are interested in. Its the education funds they want.

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