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Joe Garcia: In the running?

So says Roll Call. Quoting unnamed sources, the newspaper says that Garcia is going to make another run for Congress. His Facebook page status update Tuesday: "Thinking about how I can best serve in 2010."

Roll Call says he's to make his announcement sometime next week. Democratic leaders in Congress and the White House had been said to be reaching out to Garcia, who lost to Mario-Diaz Balart by 6 points in 2008 and now works for the Obama administration in the Department of Energy. "The courtship is off the charts,'' Democratic strategist Jeff Garcia said about the overtures in February.

This time around, Mario is running for his brother, Lincoln's seat and Democrats believe they've got an even better shot with an open seat and improved voter registration numbers. Republicans in the running include Rep. David Rivera, who this week said he's raised $700,000 for the bid. The GOP was quick to attack the as-yet-to-be-announced Garcia, sending around an e-mail of the Roll Call article with the subject line: "Tax Raiser and Dem rubber stamp running in FL-25."

“A Joe Garcia candidacy would instantly make this seat an excellent pickup opportunity,” DCCC spokesman Shripal Shah told Roll Call.


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Civis americanus sum

When did Joe Garcia raise taxes? Thanks for not letting that groundless assertion get in the paper without a fact check, Miami Herald.

Rivera The Tax Raiser

Fact Check: David Rivera raised taxes and fees $2 billion dollars last year. He didn't just vote for higher taxes he orchestrated the whole damn thing as the Budget Cheif in Tallahasee. Don't take my word for it, Marco Rubio said last year's budget raise taxes $2 billion.


It would be nice to see Joe get in that race, and I think he would have a real shot...he could have won in 20008, if not for the DCCC spending money on Raul and Joe, instead of just Joe (the only one with a real chance). Also, why do you constantly get quotes from Jeff Garcia? He's never won a race in his life and is disliked by the majority of Democrats in South Florida. If Joe runs, Jeff will have nothing to do with it. Please, stop getting quotes from your friend...look for someone else, someone with experience winning and who is respected in the party. It's just lazy journalism, if you can call it that.

I luv politics

i'm with johan on calling for a moratorium on the usual suspects being quoted in naked politics. quoting jeff garcia (no relation to joe) just confirms the old reporting adage: "there are those who know, and those who talk." i also agree DCCC should have dropped raul like a bad habit, and joe would be in d.c. as a result. i disagree on joe's chances this time around. he's now a d.c. insider. that's a toxic label. DCCC has polled, and results confirm this. but there haven't been any other prospects, so we are stuck with joe. great guy, and i wish him the best.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2010/04/joe-garcia-in-the-running-.html#comments#ixzz0ki9A66X5

Seth Sklarey

Rumors abound that labor leader Luis Meurice will enter the Democratic side of the Congressional District 25 race. Polls show his edging out Joe Garcia for the nomination although both are good Democrats. Labor's strong support of Joe Garcia helped him last time against Mario, but would wither in a primary against Meurice. Whoever the Democrat is will still have to beat David Rivera who has already bought the major competition out of the Republican side of the race and who will have a million dollar war chest and probabl no Republican primary to waste it on.

Dist 25 Voter

Who is Luis Meurice?

Joe Trippi Drafted Him

Joe Trippi Drafted him weeks ago. Here is a link to a post in early March that indicated he might be in the game.


Civis americanus sum

I can't wait till Joe Garcia spanks crazy David Rivera like he did in this debate.



Luis Meurice is president of the local longshoreman's union. i doubt the other unions will be jumping over themselves to help Luis. Nice guy, but their local doesn't have much of a record getting anything done politically. I doubt this guy's own members will volunteer more than a few hours for him.



Jes L. M.

I hope he runs again. As a teacher, Joe has my vote and all the votes in my family!


Joe lost by 6 points in a great year for Democrats with significant national fundraising. But that high tide in 2008 has receded, and Joe will be lucky to lose by 10 this year to a well-funded Rivera. The Obama Candidacy had big coat-tails two years ago, but now the Obama Presidency is a horrow show that will doom anybody associated with it.
Joe should just stay in his current pathetic position as "Chief of Hispanic Purchasing at a Small Federal Agency" or whatever they call it.

A Dominguez

Joe Garcia, you have to be kidding, since the last time he ran for office, I have yet to see him again in Florida, let alone Miami. Yes the seat should go to a Democrat, but not Joe. I like Luis Meurice, he is definitely a bright and shining star in politics and with the Unions behind him will be a force to be reckoned with.

R Costumero

It would be a grevious mistake if Joe makes it. He is a DC insider, enough said. This guy has had a silver spoon in his mouth the whole time. It's just like Obama's campaign strategy "Change!" Well lets start making changes to make them, not just for appearance sake. We need to start gathering and supporting street politicians, not rich ones. People who have had to work hard and be creative. Not people that get handed whatever they want because of who they are.


Honestly... doesn't anybody get tired of retreads. Joe is a perfect example of same old same old. If you continue to go to the same well you will continue to get the same poison. I believe the political world needs a fresh infusion of politicians from our own neighborhoods. People that understand and have actually experienced our plight. Not someone that looks down upon us with disdain.

Mike Lupati

Luis Meurice? Hmmm... interesting name. His name has been quietly gaining force in Miami. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on Luis. Joe on the other hand. Don't Bet! Joe's not worth my kids lunch money. People wake up!!! Stop going to a garbage can if you want good people.


Looks like most of these comments come from Gus Garcia Isn't this the same Gus Garcia that was promoting a "Draft Gus Garcia for Congress" Facebook page recently?

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