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Joe Garcia: "Today I'd like to announce my candidacy for Congress"

Former Miami-Dade Democratic party chief Joe Garcia resigned Tuesday from the Obama administration to jump into a hotly contested race for a congressional seat in Miami.

Garcia, who landed a job at the Energy Department after coming within six points of ousting Republican Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart in 2008, announced today his second run for the seat -- which Diaz-Balart is vacating to run for his brother's more Republican-leaning district. "This is a tough time. I know how battered the economy is and I know that the people of South Florida need a voice, they need a voice for their future,'' Garcia said Tuesday.

In a video announcing his candidacy, he takes aim at his leading Republican rival, "a Tallahassee incumbent politician" -- state Rep. David Rivera -- accusing Tallahassee of "fighting against teachers and students instead of for them," and building a "luxury stadium while raising taxes."


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Civis americanus sum

Go Joe!

JC Gonzalez

Mine and my families vote will go Union Activist, Luis Meurice he is more in touch with working families here in South Florida and is a straight up guy and not opportunistic like Joe


Please not another washington insider, we need someone who actually speaks for the people

Abert Jardines

Great!! Another candidate with a silver spoon in his mouth!!!


NO WAY!! Let's get someone that understands what the "real" person is going through!!!


Great, another polished politician!! We need people that care about working families!!


I am so tired of these lawyers running for office!!


We need someone that speaks from the heart and cares about the working class!!

Kendall Voter

Great Job Joe ! We need someone like you who has not been in elected office and is not ruined by the money in politics.

You will do a great job.

BTW it is very obvious that the same person posted all five of the previous one-line comments. Can't the Herald limit posts to one person. The posts are all one minute apart and read the same.


We need someone like Luis Meurice!! He speaks from the heart and knows what the working class is going through!! My vote is with him....

B Rodriguez

ok so who's going to look out for the working families?


I think that we need new blood. Someone who will speak for the people. Luis is my guy!

Agustin Garcia

Another politican who uses the people to serve himself and never to serve the people. He tells Floridians what they need not from Florida but from Washington, now do you see the problem. As Tip O'Neil once stated all politics is local, not federal. Who who is the campaign manager, Charles Rangel??? wE NEED JOBS HERE NOT FOR ONE GUY TO GET A JOB IN WASHINGTON.


If Joe couldn't win in 2008 with all that hopey-changey Obama rising tide, then he certainly can't win with all this Marxist Socialist Obama receding tide. And his first vote will be for Pelosi as Speaker? Sorry, Joe. You'll be a two-time loser in November.

Agustin Garcia

As a national advocate for students and especially Latin students for over 34 years, traveling the campuses of this country mobilizing them and motiviting them I have them run into Joe on any campus, march, rally or event. I guess some of us can do the talk but not the walk.


No more career politicians please. Joe Garica is an extreme left wing Dem who does what he is told. David Rivera is a far Right wing Rep who only cares about big business and Party lines. We need new blood!!! We need a person who believes in doing the right thing, a person who us middle America who is not an extremist.

Carlos Alvarez

Joe You need to stay in washington you told us you whanted to stay in Washington and now you see easy low hangging fruit and you jump in. We need some one like Luis that comes from the working class not a jumping political rabit.


South Florida needs real change from the democratic party, someone who cares for the people and that will work to make things better. Joe Garcia is not our guy.

Thanks but no thanks, Joe!

Big Mike

We need someone new with a fresh insight into what the people really need, not another Washington insider


Wow. Blown away by another politician who can't stand on his own record, so he makes his campaign about other's mistakes! Way to lead.

Frank Zocchi

It's the same face once again, Joe Garcia running for yet another elected position. NO MORE JOE!! We need the kind of representation for the working families that only Luis Meurice can bring to congress. Luis Meurice came up through the ranks of the working class. He has the heart and understanding of what our families are going through. Luis will get my vote...

kit rafferty

Joe came from Washington, DC & ran for Miami Dade Democratic Party Chair - He was there for one hot minute before he ran for Congress -He lost and left for Washington DC. He came back to run again? We need someone in Congress that is from the district , lives in the district and cares about the working families in the district. I am supporting Luis Meurice for Congress!


Just what we need, another Washington tax and spend rubber stamper. Please Joe, leave us alone! South Florida can not afford another Washington insider like you.


we don't need left wing socialist with a self centered view like what can i do for myself. We need someone that stands for the working man and their famalies,big buiness has to be controled we have to find middle ground LUIS IS THAT MAN


I don't know much about politics, but i'm not really crazy about this guy. typical politician attacking the current administration in order to make himself look better. I don't like smear campaigns.


Like we really need another Washington insider to "look out" after our interests. We need jobs and schools, and ultimately, someone who cares to make it all happen NOT A GUY WHO'S LOOKING TO BUILD UP HIS RESUME.

P Medoza

We need someone who is in touch with the needs of the community. Joe Garica is just another import from Washington who claims he can "fix" our district. Do you know our district, Mr. Garcia? I think we all know the answer to that.

Peter Machado

OMG! Joe, please find another community to ruin! If you win I am moving out. I have had enough of crooked bums like you.

Jorge Garcia

No Way Joe, were have you been for the last couple of years. I have never seen you with the working family, we need someone who is there all the time not only when running for office.

Maritza Abreu

Why does the democratic party keep doing this to itself? Why are we setting ourselves up for failure in South Florida? We all know Joe is not going to win this district, can we please get someone that will carry us through?

Jorge Gutierrez

Please say it aint so and go line your pockets at the expense of another suffering community. Our taxes and insurance are already high enough. The last thing we need is aother special interest lackey like you. Perhaps you should consider running in Hawaii or Alaska. Far away from here.

Lila Flores

The thought that this district's choices may narrow down to Rivera v. Garica is scary to say the least...

M Tovar

We need new blood in Washington, someone that will fight for the rights of the working family, not be a rubber stamp. We need Luis Meurice to represent our community, our families and specialy the hard working families that make up our community.


A man can make all the promises in the world in order to be seen as a great man. But when he fails to deliver on just one, he makes himself the fool. Me and my generation are jaded with the current political scene and Garcia is not bringing anything new to the table.

dm corp.

I met this guy once, completely self interested in his little world neglecting the fact that his job is to look out for us not himself. Just another politician wearing a mask to please the masses. One thing for sure is that i am not voting for him.


Joe for Congress???? What a bad, cruel, joke!
Just what we need another career politician attorney in public office. The people are fed up with attorneys running everything. We need a voice that will represent the average working man and woman. Joe Garcia is not that person.


Vote for the lesser of two evils. Joe Garcia 2010!


It looks like Garcorp International's one man show is busy hitting the blogs this morning...

Carlos Albaguin

You lied to us before and you will lie to us again. Please Joe DONT RUN for congress. Miami needs you like it needs a class 5 hurricane!

Marta Danieta

You are late. You should have announced your candidacy 13 days ago, on APRIL'S FOOL DAY. Then we could all have had a good laugh instead of worring about some unimformed voters that might actually vote for you.

Millie Vazquez

Whats wrong? Are you not making enough money as an attorney? A Washington insider job looks better?
Please Joe, drop out and save us the missery. We need someone who cares about South Florida not you.


We need someone who is going to look out for our commnunity. Not, there own personal interest. What has Joe done for his comminity "Nothing". WERE HAS HE BEEN.
We need some that is a fighter, who will put on his gloves and take it to them. That person is Luis Meurice. YOUR THE MAN.

Big Al

I don't know about you,but I'm tired of all the wishy washy politicians who enjoy sitting on the fence and not committing to the issues that are not important to working people and working families.Its about time someone like Luis Meurice who has a back ground dealing with workers issues steps forward.

Ricardo Estevez


Celina Diaz

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Sound familiar Joe?

Domingo (DD) De La Cruz

Hey Randy,
If you think Joe Garcia is the lesser of two evils then you do not know evil! Be careful what you wish for or you just might get it. Joe Garcia, another stinking carrer politician.

Jackie Piedra

Joe Garcia has already had his chance with politics in Washington. What we need and are in desperate need for is a "regular Joe" who knows what we are facing here with foreclosures and loss of employment, not another politician.

Amanda Guzman

Joe you have done nothing for us! Look at me, unemployed for months now and no where to go.....We need someone who will really make things happen.

Ira Feingold

Just what we need, another friggin lawyer running for office. We know exactly where this is headed.


Damn! This is going to be fun. I think I am going to volunteer to help Luis Meurice. =D !!!!! Anyone know how I can sign up?

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