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Joe Garcia: "Today I'd like to announce my candidacy for Congress"

Former Miami-Dade Democratic party chief Joe Garcia resigned Tuesday from the Obama administration to jump into a hotly contested race for a congressional seat in Miami.

Garcia, who landed a job at the Energy Department after coming within six points of ousting Republican Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart in 2008, announced today his second run for the seat -- which Diaz-Balart is vacating to run for his brother's more Republican-leaning district. "This is a tough time. I know how battered the economy is and I know that the people of South Florida need a voice, they need a voice for their future,'' Garcia said Tuesday.

In a video announcing his candidacy, he takes aim at his leading Republican rival, "a Tallahassee incumbent politician" -- state Rep. David Rivera -- accusing Tallahassee of "fighting against teachers and students instead of for them," and building a "luxury stadium while raising taxes."


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Regina Goldstein

Miami needs to stop the corruption. DO NOT VOTE for Joe Garcia!!!!


I'm for true Democrat Luis Meurice because he is not a lawyer,or right wing conservative like Rivera or a liberal like Garcia. He has fought and stood up for working people in this community for over 31 years and will continue to do so in Wash Dc, he doesn't back down or submit to what Republicans and big business try shoving down our throats as working people.Luis has proven to be a person of strong character and principle in doing and backing(taking a stand) for what is right and fighting endlessly against what is wrong and unjust in our community. That's what we need in DC, not Rivera or Garcia, go get them Luis,we are behind you 100%.


Democrat Luis Meurice is what working families in the district need,he is a proven fighter and will not back down to what Republicans and big business will try shoving down our throats, he is truly for the working class and has proven it over the years, we need him in Dc fighting for us not David or Joe, we are behind you Luis 100%.

jacqueine rodriguez-clark

I am behind Luis Muerice 100%....as a memeber of www.Moveon.org I will put my organization behind "a peoples politician"....I want someone in office that relates to my troubles and those of my neighbors. Joe Garcia has been detached from Florida since 2008 and NOW he wants to be a Floridian again.........I think not....show me recent accomplishments where I live not in Washington where I benefit and not your bank account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lovette queen of the south

Go back to your Washington Job. I need someone who will fight for my job and keep my interest thier interest.

lovette queen of the south

By the way Mr. Luis Muerice is going to Washington

lovette queen of the south

I need someone in office that will work for my interest not thier interest.. I am helping Mr. Luis Muerice go to Washington.. he will answer his phone

Johnny G Farias

What we don't need is more of the same, Career Politicians. What we do need is someone that has been in the trenches, someone that understands jobs and most of all someone from right here locally. Have we not have enough of The David Rivera's and his inner circle of the Magnificent Seven. Well, I have and I am going for the home town guy...


Washington doesn't need another attorney. We need someone that understands the hardships the working class is encountering.

Leo Stewart

No way not on my watch. We need Luis Muerice who understands working people.

Juan Pirindingo

Okay. Nobody has any idea who Luis Meurice is. All of these comments are clearly being generated by his "strategist" Gus Garcia. Funny thing is that Gus Garcia was promoting his own congressional run recently on Facebook with a "Draft Gus for Congress" page.

Luis Meurice means well, but Gus Garcia is a PAYASO (clown).

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