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Kathy Castor takes on Obama's oil drilling plans

Tampa Democrat Kathy Castor -- an enthusiastic Obama supporter -- has fired off a 3-page letter  to the president, protesting his administration's plans to look at oil and gas drilling off Florida's coast.

"As Secretary Salazar succiently put it, there are some places in our country that are too special to drill," Castor says in the letter, referring to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. "Florida's coastline certainly fits that description."

She counters Salazar's five points on his decision, asking the administration to go back to the science board. "Acrroding to research...if a spill occurred over the broad, shallow Gulf Coast OCS, currents would likely sweep the pollution along the beaches, bay and wetlands along Florida's Gulf Coast."


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Can the Herald not afford a spell checker? "Acrroding to research"? Really?

jeffrey erwin

I don't worry too much about offshore drilling. What concerns me is the "contract" that the president has put out on an American citizen. What's happened to "innocent until proven guilty" and the right to a trial before being punished?

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