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Kendrick Meek on AZ immigration law: "Neither fair nor practical"

Wading into the immigration debate, Senate candidate Kendrick Meek comes out against Arizona's new law: "We need common sense immigration reform. The kind of measure signed into law in Arizona last week is neither fair nor practical. It encourages police to question people who have done nothing wrong, and it does a disservice to people in this country who are employed, paying their taxes and are good citizens of their communities. That is not fair. As a former Trooper in the Florida Highway Patrol, I know laws like these will
also hamper law enforcement efforts and make it harder to find people who will speak out as witnesses to crimes. This law is impractical and will not make anyone safer. While new immigration laws should be tough, they should be enforceable and not driven by a philosophical agenda."

No word from his Republican Senate rivals Charlie Crist or Marco Rubio on what they think. But Miami Republican Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart took issue, saying the new law "alters American tradition and long-standing policy making  immigration law enforcement a federal matter. And it strikes fear in the hearts of many American citizens and legal residents."